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Our Philosophies

Being a Conscious Fashion Label, we look up to certain values.
These values become basic criteria for our each creation.

Timeless Silhouettes

Not governing by the trends rather creating timeless classic designs which will have a sustainable life span.

100% Natural

Using absolutely Natural fabrics & packaging.

Handwoven Fabrics

All the fabrics we use are Handwoven by Artisans.

Local Craft

Reviving Local Crafts from North-East India and some parts of central and western India, one step at a time.

Manjushree Saikia

Manjushree Saikia hails from upper valleys of Assam, She has grown up with Assam Textiles and folk cultures. Curiosity on cultures & craft made her close to Textiles and later got introduce to fashion.

She is Graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT) as a Textile Designer in 2016. After that she started travelling to various craft Clusters across India. On the journey she was stunned by their skilled hands and more than that their humbleness & values made her realize the responsibility & thoughtfulness of a designer towards Indian artisans & society. The product making process was very crucial & much important as the mindfulness of humanity. In 2018, she started up with Ura Maku that stands alongside the sustainable movement by fashion revolution.

In Assamese, Ura means to fly and Maku is the shuttle in weaving. Shuttle is a crucial part in weaving and textile plays an important role. We believe that without textiles, fashion would be mere an imagination. Ura Maku is the story of every person who dares to fly high yet are rooted to their cultural values.

Ura = fly defines our timeless power suits and tailored clothes. Maku = shuttle represents handwoven/handcrafted textiles of India.

The look is all about simplicity, driven by a focus on shape, texture, and proportion. Making it to a stylish, timeless & futuristic clothing line of apparel.